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Analyst at Capital One

18 Apr, 2011

“For the business case, the first question was, "what would you do first?"”

“Was asked if I had experience walking in a professional legal environment ie law firm”

“Interview question: Have you ever had to work with difficult people? What were the results.”

“Online Personality Questions: on a scale of (1-5) would your friends describe you as aggresive”

“Do you know how to use pivot tables in Excel?”

“Do you speak french?”

“For me it was hard to draw graphs, should have practiced more. Quantity/price/profitability kinds of relationships. Just try to analyze as many graphs as you can before going to the interview”

“The most difficult question was probably where you see yourself in 5 years. They are looking for long term employees who want to be entrepreneurs and own the position that they have.”

“Tell us about a positive experience as a customer service representative, and a negative one.”

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“Dominos case, promotion to deliver on time or get the pizza free. Dominos decide that it will be only $3 off instead of free if they don't deliver in time. Calculated break even point…”

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