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“If you could be anyone else, who would it be”

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“implement sqrt without using math libray”

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“What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand on a clock when it is 3:15?”

“Your on a farm, and your in a field with horses and you have a fence that you have to repair. But you left your hammer back at the house, what do you do?

Remember the fence is broken and you…”

“Why are pot hole covers round and not square?”

“A few questions on basic command-line syntax in Unix shells:

1. How would you log output and error messages from a command to a file?
2. How would you run the same command on every file in a…”

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“describe the 3 aspects of the project management triangle”

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“Recently I attended the interview at Google and I was asked "You are given a sorted list of disjoint intervals and an interval, e.g. [(1, 5), (10, 15), (20, 25)] and (12, 27). Your task is to merge…”

“Given an array of 1001 elements, consists all numbers from 1-1000. Only one number is repeated. Write a function that returns the repeated number.”

“"What do you think your best friend would say are your 3 best and worst qualities?"”

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