Inside Sales Interview Questions

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“Who would you hire in this group and why.”

“I am the owner of X and after calling me I asked for a face to face meeting. You are representing Y, close the deal with me face to face. You can package it any way you like. Go”

“Basic interview questions - Why did you apply, what led you to apply to this position (what caught your eye), Have you done sales before? All basic interview questions relating to the position.”

“Describe to me how one of your sales call would go.”

“No difficult questions were asked during the interview.”

“Will you be able to manage the commute from where you live to our office every day?”

“There are questions about if you feel okay selling porn and state-altering products.”

“There were quite a few situational questions. Need to have good examples of how you deal with things and why.”

“CEO asks some "deep probing" questions about my sales approach and skills. It was like he got the questions out of an airport MBA book.”

“Why are you leaving your past job”

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