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“Given the current macroeconomic variables, what effect would an interest rate hike have on _____, ______, ______, and ______.”

Labourer at Tembec

28 Oct, 2014

“What are your best qualities”

“tell me something about yourself”

Anon at Tembec

30 Jan, 2014

“What is a greater safety issue a unguarded machine or a live power source.”

“What do you expect from a manager?”

“Can you tell me more about caustic cleaning, the chemical composition and type of equipment, cleaning agent or process?”

Operator at Methanex

2 Apr, 2013

“What do you have to ad to our organization”

“Are you content being in a production setting for your career ?”

“Really tested you - need to be honest about yourself”

“What makes you the right candidate for this program?”

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