Brand Manager Interview Questions

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“If a lily pad doubles every second. After 10 seconds, it reaches a certain size. At what point was it half it's size?”

“If I were to bring product x to Canada, what should I do?”

“None. Both the phone and in-person interview had the standard behavioural questions (2-3 questions)”

“Name a time that you brought new ideas to a situation.”

“- Why should we hire you?
- What makes you nervous?
- What frustrates you?
- Why Kellogg?
- Why are you looking to leave your current position?
- Tell me about a time you messed up?
- How…”

“Who is the typical consumer for the particular brand you are interviewing for. They go into detail about their brands.”

“Tell me about a time you had a vision and lead a group of people to follow your vision.”

“Tell me about a marketing campaign you liked and why?”

“Very standard interview questions assessing skills experience and demonstrated results.”

“How does your past experience relate to the position in hand”

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