Behavioral Interview Questions

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“Your on a farm, and your in a field with horses and you have a fence that you have to repair. But you left your hammer back at the house, what do you do?

Remember the fence is broken and you…”

“Give me a time when you implemented something new at work”

“What is your salary range?”

“Describe the management style that you are unable to work with”

“Mostly behavioral questions. Nothing unexpected. Just follow these basic questions and provide your best personal experience.”

“Interview consisted of a mix of behavioural, situational, hypothetical and open ended questions. Informal and casual approach. Seemed 'off the cuff' and not following interview guide or set of…”

“Give an example of a situation in which you didn't get along with a coworker, and how you handled the situation”

Intern at Unilever

9 Jul, 2010

“if you could be an Unilever brand, what would it be and why”

“Tell me a time when you have a problem with a customer and how did you resolve it?”

“How would you solve a complex problem given to you?
Among C and C++, which one is closer to system level?
How is multiple inheritance allowed in C++”

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