Assistant Store Manager Interview Questions

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“Its a cake walk for even a school drop out as the interviewers in the LL Canadian division are themselves school drop outs and do not know to ask professional questions. So its better not to prepare…”

“How would you handle employee's who are not following policy?”

“Tell me about a time when you weren't able to meet a customers expectations?”

“If you saw a fellow employee stealing would you report them?”

“They asked about experience dealing with P&Ls and other sales reports...”

“Tell me about yourself....”

“It was ALL "STAR" oriented questions. "Tell me about a situation you had a problem with a teamate" "Tell me about a situation when a customer was unhappy"
At the end, they asked me three words to…”

“Why am I leaving my old job of 13 years in the same field and what do I think I will find in Marks that was not in my current job?”

“I was fully prepared. I was not asked a question that I found to be difficult or unexpected.”

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